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Pyotricin Periodontal Powder Trade Lists:

"Brush & Grow Healthy Gums and Teeth Referral Marketing Programs"

Pyotricin's Brush & Grow Healthy Gums and Teeth Referral Marketing Plans Formula for long term prosperity, is ideally suited for individuals treating bleeding gums, loose teeth, bad breath and the accumulated effects of Periodontal Disease.

However the "Brush & Grow Healthy Gums and Teeth Referral Marketing Plan with "ReSeller Rights" is the ideal cure for Major Money diseases commonly associated with symptoms of American Dream thinking, low goals and negative attitudes usually found in employees aspiring to be Entrepreneurs, Independent Contractors, Small Business Start Ups, Owners & Managers, Sales Professionals.

And others involved in the E-Mail Order, Direct Sales & InterNetwork Marketing Industries who desires to cure their ailments with the "Brush & Grow Healthy Gums and Teeth" Referral Marketing Plan and reprogram themselves to success with these two principles.

"You Can Become & Do Attract to Yourself Whatever You
Think About, Talk About & Do With Most of Your Time"

Key Pyotricin Personal Dental Care Program Benefits:

[Bullet] Simple & Easy to use Success Formula:
[Bullet] Relevant Personal Dental Care Information For Today:
[Bullet] A Career & Compensation Enhancing Referral Marketing Plan:

Pyotricin Periodontal Powder - Quantity Discounted & Volume Pricing Plans:

Unit Descriptions for Quantity Discounts

# of Units

 Trade Value


Pyotricin Basic Gold Plan - A 12 Bottles   $25.00 ea.    Order Now
Pyotricin Basic Silver Plan - B 06 Bottles   $30.00 ea.    Order Now
Pyotricin Basic Bronze Plan - C

02 Bottles  

  $50.00 ea.    Order Now
Pyotricin New Customer Plan - D 01 Bottle  

  $49.95 ea.   

Order Now
Pyotricin Buy Two & One Half-Off

02 Bottles

  $75.00 ea.

Order Now
Pyotricin Business Plan - Monthly Auto-Ship 02 Bottles

  $100.00 ea.

Order Now
Pyotricin Buy Two & Get One "FREE"

03 Bottles

  $100.00 ea.

Order Now

SPECIAL BONUS OFFER: All Orders for Bronze Plan - C, We will Trade you One (1) "MORE" Bottle of PYOTRICIN when you order two (2) at the Plan - C value for a limited time. You can "Trade" it to a friend and gain half the value. As a PYOTRICIN Referral Agent, you also earn Referral Fees on those Two Bottles you order.

NOTICE: $4.95 is already added for 2-3 Day Priority Mail Product Tracking, Shipping & Handling to each order.

PATENTED: Pyotricin Periodontal Powder was developed in 1957 and holds active patents in the United States, Switzerland, Australia, Japan Canada, Great Britain, Philippines, West Germany and New Zealand.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Evenly exsiccated Potassium, Sodium Bicarbonate, Methyl Salicylate., Oil of Eucalyptus. Other ingredients: Oil of Peppermint, Anise Oil, Food Grade Cellulose, Glycerin, Sodium Saccharin, FD&C Red 40. The actual Pyotricin formula is our Trade Secrets and we share enough information for you to make a sound decision concerning your dental health care program.

There are NO Memberships or Enrollment Fees, referrals, PassCodes or Userid required to purchase Pyotricin Periodontal Powder from this online order form by clicking ->>>>> here! We cannot say or make claims that our Pyotricin Periodontal Powder will cure any/or ALL of your oral hygiene challenges or make any improvements in your dental health in any way. There are NO Pyotricin inventory requirements - we drop-ship all orders directly to and/or for you anywhere worldwide with our Secure Online Order Form Processing systems. Now you can order.

What we can and/or share is what we believe it has truly done by making positive improvements in our own dental care programs and for the people we serve around the world. If, for any reason after testing Pyotricin Periodontal Powder and giving it the chance to work its magic and you are not completely satisfied, then we will give you a complete 100% refund upon your written request. We know how really good our Pyotricin Periodontal Powder is for improving your personal dental health care program & we based our overall business operations on those facts.

"You Can Have Anything In Your Lifestyle You Want and When You Truly
Reach Out To Help Enough Other People Get What They Want"

                     To Learn More About Periodontal Disease:

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                    Now You are Ready To Submit Your Pyotricin from our Secure Online Order Form: Click: - Here!

                    Dental Success is Simple: When you have Pyotricin as an asset & use all the right tools: Click: - Here!

"When You Give A Man A Fish You Can Feed Him For A Meal, But When You
Can Teach Him How-To Fish, He Can Then Feed Himself For His Lifetime."


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