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Formulated for care of the Gums

PYOTRICIN PERIODONTAL POWDER provides a product which has been proven effective in helping promote better oral hygiene when used in conjunction with both a home program and professional care.

An effective Tool for a Complete Oral Hygiene Program is PYOTRICIN PERIODONTAL POWDER!

Many of us fail to realize the importance of putting as much emphasis in the care of the gums as we do the teeth. Now, there is PYOTRICIN PERIODONTAL POWDER (PPP), a unique dental powder, specifically formulated for the gums. A dentifrice and oral rinse in one, PPP will help cleanse the mouth and refresh the gums, a healthful adjunct in promoting better oral hygiene is ideally suited for individuals treating bleeding gums, loose teeth, bad breath and the accumulated effects of Periodontal Disease.

To support its efficacy, PPP has been subjected to test, Observations were performed in clinical settings by a group of practicing dentists for a period of ten years. Their findings have produced amazing results in regard to Pyotricin's beneficial qualities when used in conjunction with both a daily home care program of oral hygiene and professional care.

What does Pyotricin Periodontal Powder contain? Potassium Alum is one of several important ingredients in PPP. Its usefulness dates back to the 15th Century, during the Roman Empire, where it was used for the treatment of various gum problems. Today, even though potassium is being used in the dental industry, it has not been used to its full potential because of its acidity and abrasiveness. In the research and study of PPP, we formulated a solution that employed the positive qualities of potassium alum while taming its harsh qualities. A patented process was developed combining it with other select ingredients in recognition of their respective properties.

How Does Pyotricin Periodontal Powder Work? Two factors are necessary are necessary for good dental health: Cleansing and Massage. Both are present in PPP. PPP has been observed to control and help remove developing plaque with proper brushing. In addition to cleansing ingredients, Pyotricin has a mild astringent effect massaging the gums through chemical action, long after use.

Many people comment on how clean their teeth feel hours after using it. This action of the active ingredients takes place upon the introduction of saliva and water in the mouth. Partial and full denture wearers can benefit from this action. For smokers with nicotine stains, daily brushing with PPP also helps whiten teeth the safer way, gradually and naturally. Pyotricin does not contain any bleaching chemicals that may be harmful to enamel.

Pyotricin Periodontal Powder Provides a product which is not only effective but appropriately balanced for optimum tolerance and safety to the periodontal tissue. All these benefits plus Pyotricin has a pleasant taste that freshens your breath. Discover the difference. Experience a new cleaner, fresher feeling with PPP!

* Patented in the U.S.A., Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand.

* Recognized and received seal of International Hall of Fame "New Product Award" from the Inventors Club of America.



PYOTRICIN PERIODONTAL POWDER provides a product which has been proven effective in helping promote better oral hygiene when used in conjunction with both a home program and professional care. Excellent products can be invented to overcome challenges but no product or professional service will ever take the place of you personal responsibility toward your oral hygiene program.

PERIODONTAL DISEASE: For years, the dental profession was challenged with the problem of tooth decay, and much publicity was given to the protection of the enamel. With much attention directed to the teeth, scientists have alleviated, to a great extent, the problem of tooth decay in some areas of the country.

But even though great strides have been made in the professional care of teeth, the greater threat to loss of both teeth and personal health is diseases of the gums (gingival tissues).

WHO IS AFFECTED? After the common cold, gum disease (gingivitis) today is probably the most widespread infectious ailment in this country. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, of the 125 million adults who still have their teeth, 100 million are afflicted and an estimated 32 million have an advanced case of gingivitis.

Gum disease, not tooth decay, is the major cause of tooth loss among adults. It causes more tooth loss by far than caries or decay. By age 60, nearly 40% of the adult population needs dentures (false teeth) as a result of periodontal disease.

The chances of having gum disease problems increases with age, so that nearly all older people are afflicted in varying degrees - some people have a greater inherited susceptibility than others. Young people are not immune from gingivitis.

A survey published in 1982 by the National Institute of Dental Research found 1.4 million school children had severe gingivitis, a gum inflammation that is often an early sign of gum disease. This infection exists simply because the teeth and gums are neglected and are not kept clean.

GUM/PERIODONTAL DISEASE, also called pyorrhea, is a progressive disorder. It develops over many years of dental neglect. Signs or symptoms come in the form of gingivitis; the mildest type of gum disease, where the hums deepen in color from their usual pink.

They swell, losing their normally tight, arching and pointed contour around the teeth and have the tendency to bleed under gentle pressure. Poor oral hygiene allows plaque (an malodorous, off-white sticky substance) to develop under the gum line and down to the root surfaces, where these gingivitis-causing bacteria find a home.

A restorative filling with a poor fit, even dental bridgework or an abnormality where the teeth meet (severe overbite, for example) also supply retentive areas for the bacteria. So can smoking.(2) This bacterial army emits destructive chemicals called endotoxins that inflame the gum tissues.

Such gingivitis is entirely reversible though. It can disappear within a week after regular brushing and flossing are resumed. But when plaque is not kept under control, gingivitis can be the first step toward peritonitis, the more advanced gum disease in which bone and other structures which support the teeth become damaged, eventually requiring surgery or other extensive treatments to save the teeth.(3)

The fight against periodontal disease can be an endless and futile battle. From the dentist's chair all the way to a surgeon's table would certainly suggest a long, painful and very costly road.

But researchers now know a great deal more about plaque, gingivitis, and the germs which cause them. We can use that knowledge to gain the upper hand in the prevention against the disease.

It is up to each individual to recognize the value of a conscientiously applied home program of oral hygiene and the importance of regular professional care. It is our choice.



Patented in U.S.A., Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Germany, Switzerland and New Zealand.


Evenly exsiccated Potassium Alum, Sodium Bicarbonate. Methyl Salicylate. Oil of Eucalyptus. Other ingredients: Oil of Peppermint. Anise Oil. Food Grade Cellulose. Glycerin. Sodium Saccharin. FD&C Red 40.


Bottle Net Weight = 40 Gm (1.4oz.)

Recognized and received seal of International Hall of Fame "New Product Award" from the INVENTORS CLUB OF AMERICA.

Many of us fail to realize the importance of putting as much emphasis in the care of the gums as we do the teeth. Now, there is Pyotricin Periodontal Powder, a unique dental powder specially formulated for the gums.

Two factors are necessary to good dental health: cleansing and massage. Both are present in Pyotricin. Pyotricin has also been observed to control and help remove developing plaque with proper brushing. While it helps thoroughly massage the gingival and clean the teeth, Pyotricin also freshens your breath.

Pyotricin has been subjected to a plethora of clinical tests, plus very positive results were also observed by a select group of practicing dentists for a period of over ten years. These findings confirm that Pyotricin, used in conjunction with regular and daily oral hygiene, is a beneficial and cost-effective means to maintain and promote healthy gums and clean teeth.

In addition to cleansing ingredients, Pyotricin has a mild astringent effect, massaging the gingiva through chemical action, long after use. Partial and full denture users benefit from this. For smokers with nicotine stains, daily brushing with Pyotricin helps whiten the teeth the safer way (no harsh abrasives in Pyotricin as are found in many of the "designer" tooth polishes), gradually and naturally.

Pyotricin does not contain any bleaching chemical that may be harmful to the enamel. Pyotricin is truly exceptional. How can a dentifrice clean teeth, massage gums and help remove stains without being too harsh?

The answer is in the combination and balance of natural ingredients; selected especially for their respective properties, blended for optimum tolerance and safety to the periodontal tissues. All these features, plus a pleasant taste and fresh breath! Experience a cleaner, fresher and healthier feeling with Pyotricin Periodontal Powder


Your dentist recommends diligent daily home care and regular professional check-ups for protection of your teeth and gums. So it is important to:

Visit your dentist for regular check-ups!

Brush regularly, especially after meals and snacks

Floss at least once a day

Remember good nutrition; avoid excessive sweets and to include PYOTRICIN PERIODONTAL POWDER in your home care oral hygiene program


(Unless Your Dentist Directs Otherwise)

For best possible results, use PYOTRICIN PERIODONTAL POWDER after seeing your family dentist for complete oral prophylaxis. As often as possible, floss. Then thoroughly rinse with water before each application.

A Dentifrice: Use Pyotricin 1 to 3 times daily and before bedtime or as needed. Using a soft bristled toothbrush, you can use Pyotricin by itself, with, or after brushing with your regular toothpaste. Pour 2 to 3 pinches in your palm. With a moistened toothbrush, pick powder from palm (do not dip brush into bottle) then swab.

For Rinse: Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of Pyotricin in one tablespoon of water and swish vigorously.

Gum Massage: Best when applied before bedtime. Apply Pyotricin in any desired application. Spit out excess and leave for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing.

Last two applications ideal for those with highly sensitive and tender gums. (All applications: for best results, leave for at least 2 to 3 minutes before expectorating).


AMCI International Inc. Does not warrant that PYOTRICIN PERIODONTAL POWDER is a cure for any periodontal disorder. Do NOT substitute Pyotricin (or any other product) for professional dental care.

Persons who have highly sensitive gums and are allergy-prone: CAUTION. If you experience any persistent irritation or any other adverse reactions upon using Pyotricin, discontinue use.

Children under 12 years of age should be supervised in the use of Pyotricin. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush thoroughly with water.



To add your Success Story to the list, please make your results through the info request file below:

"Some months ago, my gums (upper-left quadrant) were hurting, and I had noticed that they were also becoming more inflamed. Pyotricin was suggested. One application and I was relieved of the pain! The inflamed gum returned back to normal after three days. It's amazing! I highly recommend this product. I never want to be without Pyotricin Periodontal Powder."

Howard B. S. - Broker Keene, TX 

"I had problems with my gums and teeth. For more than a year, my gums had been bleeding and my teeth had become sensitive. I tried several oral products but they were not effective. A friend suggested that I try Pyotricin. I used the powder and my gums no longer bleed and the sensitivity has ended. Thank you for having Pyotricin available."

Dan W. - J. C. Painting Cleburne, TX 

"I want everyone to know that Pyotricin has brought me relief! For years, I have suffered from stomtitis which causes white ulcerous sores to erupt on my tongue, gums, and the insides of my cheeks. I have tried all kinds of mouth washes and applications but none eliminated the pain. However, I do get relief by putting Pyotricin (dry) on my tongue and then with my tongue swabbing the powder on my gums and cheeks. The soreness is relieved! Should I neglect to give myself this treatment for a few days, the white spots develop into small ulcers. Thank you for Pyotricin."

Danny L. Corpus Christi, TX

"I have been using Pyotricin Periodontal Powder, and in my opinion, it's the best. It not only makes your gums firm and healthy, it leaves your teeth with such a wonderful clean feeling. I think it's a great product! (My husband likes it too!)"

Doris T. Keene, TX

"Pyotricin Periodontal Powder has been the chief means of my daily oral hygiene for about six months now. I find it unnecessary to use mouthwash, since it leaves a clean taste in my mouth. Before using Pyotricin, I had consulted a medical doctor, due to pain and soreness of my mouth.

I was told I had too much fluoride in my system, and was advised to find a toothpaste that did not contain fluoride. I found Pyotricin Periodontal Powder...Then I began to notice that the occasional bleeding with brushing had stopped.

Next time I had my teeth cleaned, my gums and teeth were in perfect health. Prior to using Pyotricin, I had been placed on a regimen of seeing the dentist every four months, due to gingivitis...The people I know of who have used this product feel as I do, that it is unlike anything else.

A really wonderful, new approach to oral health, saving money by cutting professional care to a mere minimum, and providing another reason for smiling."

Linda H. - Word Processor Keene, TX

"Pyotricin has really improved my dental hygiene considerably. Since I brush and floss daily, I thought how can it get better. But it has. Pyotricin has firmed up my gums! My gums look great, and they look much healthier and cleaner. I would recommend it for anyone interested in keeping their gums clean, healthy, and maintaining problem free teeth."

Genesis C. - Med. Tech. Anaheim, CA

"For years, several times yearly, my gums would become so sensitive to brushing, I would actually be in pain. A friend recommended Pyotricin to me and when I used it, I enjoyed relief. Now, when tenderness develops, I simply add a few drops of water to a pinch of Pyotricin and apply to my gums with a Q-tip. Within two or three days the soreness is gone."

Zelpha H. - RN Keene, TX 


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